SensePro, SenseFry and SenseBoilHobs

The Intuit range of hobs includes the SensePro with a world first wireless and battery-less probe, (inserted within a pot or pan when in use), that communicates directly with the hob. This innovation sets and maintains the exact temperature of food, delivering rare/medium/well done to the degree. The sous-vide functionality makes this the ultimate assisted cooking experience.

The slim and sleek design of Electrolux induction hobs allows you to choose even the most contemporary of worktops without compromise. This includes 28mm worktops when paired with an Electrolux oven and as thin as 12mm worktops when the hob is installed above a drawer. A brand new user interface featuring intuitive controls that automatically light up the second it detects a pan, illuminating only the controls you need to use – the others will remain invisible.

Download the CAD files here