1. Who is the contest open to?

Professional kitchen designers that have used Electrolux Intuit range kitchen appliances in creating a kitchen.

  1. If I am a private person with a great kitchen, can I enter the contest?

The contest is only open to professional kitchen designers. You could always ask your kitchen designer to submit the work however.

  1. How do kitchen designers enter?

Please submit your entry on the submission page

  1. Do I have to include an Electrolux Intuit kitchen appliance in my design to enter the contest?

Yes, a great kitchen should include Electrolux Intuit range appliances.

  1. How many Electrolux Intuit appliances do I need to include?

If you have designed a kitchen that contains at least one Electrolux Intuit appliance you can enter the contest under ‘built’ kitchen.

  1. If I win the main prize, when do I get to take the prize that includes the trip to Stockholm?

The dates available will be published before the end of the competition.

  1. If I win the appliances can I choose what I win?

1st prize winner will keep an appliance they use in their designed kitchen. Please see the competition rules.