With its Scandinavian roots, Electrolux has a human centric approach to design that is realised in its new Intuit kitchen range of appliances – a harmonious balance between design and function that takes assisted cooking to the next level. 

Whether using the SensePro hob, with its unique wireless and battery-less probe for temperature precision, combination SteamPro oven with Steamify to make cooking with steam more intuitive than ever before or the award-winning ComfortLift dishwasher – everything is designed to help create a wonderful kitchen experience.   

Now we would like you to design the ultimate Kitchen for intuitive cooking and entertaining. Imagine a kitchen where the Electrolux Intuit range is incorporated to help the user get even more from their home. How can your design skills ensure that working, entertaining and enjoying the kitchen happens fluidly and with a great experience in mind?

Are the appliances hidden, on show – what does the kitchen journey – from storage, preparation, cooking and serving look like?

Bonus points will be awarded to entries that consider real user scenarios that not only support human interaction and enjoyment in the kitchen but also place the kitchen with the context of a rich and diverse space that enriches home life.